Pay 100 usd (a part of tuition fees to be paid every month)for getting registered on 13-14 July 2019. See
On 13-14 July 2019,you will be sitting for 2 modules exams. The exams will be done in the new examination platform:
Within this new platform, the access to the exam is not automatic. Only those one who have paid are registered to the exams. The exam for Saturday will start on 2:00 pm and stop on 23:00 pm
The exam scheduled on Sunday will be open from 2:00 pm to 23:00 pm
N.B The code to be used are the same of those ones in

attached documents to download

Cleared for 13.14 July 19 exams.xlsx

2 commentents on List of the students registered for exams scheduled on 13.14th July 2019

  • vincent -

    it can be better to update list of student with courses they suppose to pass

  • Martine -

    Morning? My name is Ndahayo Martine. I need to be added to the list of the exam of this month. Thanks

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