The period for 22nd April to 22nd May is reserved to apprenticeships..See . No other exams are planed within this period. The apprenticeship will be ended by the report and video to be submitted and presented within the centers or on zoom conferencing on 24-25 May 2019.
During the apprenticeship, the supervision will be done on field. The apointed Supervisors are Prof Naon Betaboale from Burkina Faso assisted by Prof Wambua from Moi University and Mrs Nyirandimukaga Berthilde.
For the finalists or graduands(last year of Diploma,Bachelor,Master,PhD), the apprenticeship will be followed by the internship for one month. See The form for apprenticeship is availabe on while the guidelines for the internship are available on

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  • Festus -

    you should prepare letters for an internship application for us


    How we will be accepted as your students with out your approval?. We ask you to validate our request by putting the stamp of the IST so that we are accepted as your students to internship site.

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