Pay 100 usd (a part of tuition fees to be paid every month)for getting registered on 20-21April 2019. See
On 20-21April 2019,you will be sitting for 2 modules exams. The exams will be done in the new examination platform:
With this new platform, the access to the exam is not automatic. Only those one who have paid are registered to the exams.
Get the modules and their CATs within

attached documents to download

Final Exam Time Table on 20.21 April 2019 for Bachelor and Master Programm.xlsx

5 commentents on Pay and get registered for exams scheduled on 20.21th April 2019

  • Anelice -

    Bonsoir.Ça fait longtemps que nous nous recevons pas des cours en nutrition Français. Comment ferons-des examens sans vu les notes?

  • Festus -

    I am learning only one course scheduled on this list of exams,how will i get another one?

  • Melchior -

    I am programmed to do the exam of santé dans la situation d'urgence. I would like to have its assessments. I am in Master in public health


    Will we do the exam without course notes? We have no notes of course for Nutrition Fr Bacc II.


    Hello, I am Olivier NDORIMANA BAC IV Civil Eng. Since I started in January I didn't pass exam (FAT) and i'm already pay 325$.

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