Pay 100 usd (a part of tuition fees to be paid every month)for getting registered on 9-10 March 2019. See
On 09-10th March 2019,you will be sitting for 2 modules exams. The exams will be done in the new examination platform:
With this new platform, the access to the exam is not automatic. Only those one who have paid are registered to the exams.

attached documents to download

The department of finance has cleared the following Students to sit for 9 March 2019 Exams.pdf

3 commentents on List of the students allowed to sit for 9 and 10 March Exams

  • sylver -

    I am not on the list,while I finish to pay fees

  • Emile -

    My name is not on the List while I already payed the fees .

  • Melchior -

    Hey.I don't know why i am not on the list while i finished to pay all fees, even the gown

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