Are allowed to withdraw their credentials on friday 19.10.18

Only the graduates on list below will be served


call for payment and exams for 2 courses on 18-19 th November 18

Dear all students Start by getting the examination codes from students affairs office if you brand to his email( copying the bank slip of 200USD for September -November 2018 installements Every one will sit for 1 common course...


Center about the credentials distribution

Dear Graduates of IST The academic credentials(Degree and academic transcripts) are only distributed every Friday at Kisoro Office in Uganda by the Assistant Administrative. To join, you can call or watsapp the center staff in charge of documents distribution on + 256 777838432 or +256773981068....


Words limits and publication requirements for both Masters and PhD

Master Thesis (7,500 words); Publication: Each Master graduate is encouraged to publish their research papers either online in the public domain or through professional journals and periodicals worldwide. Doctoral Dissertation (15,000 words); Publication: Each Doctor graduate is encouraged...



Only those who have gown are authorized to come at KISORO for the graduation

The Director of registration will only avail at KISORO the credentials: degrees and other documents for those who have withdrawn the gowns and confirmed to participate to the graduation. Those who will not come will get their degrees on 25 Feb 2019 N.B the contribution to get gown and confirm to...



Final graduation list in Uganda due to 29 September 2018 at 2:00 pm

Those in black color are allowed to pay (40 USD) the contribution to the patty and Gown. Only those who will get the gowns are authorized to sign on the degrees. The graduation will take place at KISORO on 29th September 2018 at BAM II Guest House Conference Hall. The Professors who will be...



We need that everyone confirms to be on the final graduation list

To be confirmed on the graduation list due to the 29th September 2018, we need to get the database showing that the graduand has totally paid his/her tuition fees.Here he/she is requested to send all of the bank slips and the self assessment financial clearance form.The recipient is also requested...


Dissertations received on 13 September 2018 and wait for the feedback

This is to acknowledge the reception of the reception of the dissertations from students after they reacted to the feedback given by the panel. They are advised to wait again for the feedback from the IST research directorate.The file below is highlighting the feedback and progress of the...


Dissertations feedback and update progress due to 12.09.18

The file below is highlighting the feedback and progress of the dissertations.For any inquiry, you can also watsapp +256773981068: Vital for the direct communication.



Ongoing graduation list due to 29.09.2018 in Uganda

Those who are complying with the graduation requirements as they appear on the following link : are required to resubmit their financial self assessment clearing form on . The balance must be zero.She/he has to pay in addition 40 USD for...

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