For undergraduate: direct entry scheme, IST admits 2 times in a year; in the March, August intakes. For Level I of Bachelor, for Master and PhD, the application are done every time. The academic years end two times a year: 31 July and 25 February each year. Applications for Masters Programmes can be submitted before the beginning of every semester (August or February). Applications for PhD By research and thesis can be submitted twice a year (either before August or February). The Undergraduate Admission requirements : A certificate from a recognized institution. Post Graduate Admission Requirements The University is open to all persons who meet the requirements for admission to the post graduate programme. Postgraduate Diploma A first degree or its equivalent Masters Programme i) A first degree with at least a second class (where such classes are indicated) or its equivalent from a recognized University or higher institution of learning. Or ii) Graduates with a pass degree and a postgraduate diploma in a relevant field may also be considered. Or iii) Individuals who have considerable years of experience in intended areas of study but who lack first degree qualification. PhD Programme i) Bachelors and Master’s degree (s) Or ii) Be of such standing as may be prescribed in the regulations of Nkumba University School Postgraduate Studies and Research. An intending candidate shall be required to: i) sit an aptitude test and; ii) present a synopsis of intended research area. Duration The minimum period for the Post Graduate Diploma shall be one year and a maximum two years. The minimum period for a Master’s Degree by coursework and dissertation shall be two (2) years and the maximum period shall be three (3) years. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programme is offered for a minimum period of 3 years and a maximum of 6 years. Procedure of Application and Registration Application forms may be obtained from the Office of the Academic Registrar on payment of the stipulated – non- refundable fee payable to IST by Account. Or application forms can be downloaded from our website: Orientation of New Students Every semester/quarter, new students are oriented for a period of one week in University life and activities.

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